The Finance and Administration Team is committed to delivering effective and efficient solutions that help support the needs of our departments. In an effort to do this, we provide a number of services that promote an environment of financial integrity, enable optimal use of resources, develop a capable workforce, and provide learning communities to facilitate informed decision making.

Our team’s primary responsibility is to ensure the integrity of CCAS’ financial information.  Our objective is to assist and support our Department Chairs and Administrators in maintaining and reporting accurate accounting information.  Activities include:

  • Monitoring and providing guidance on accounting practices and policies to ensure departments are in compliance with CCAS, University and Federal accounting principles, policies and procedures.
  • Providing analysis, reconciliation and reporting of financial transactions (earnings and expenses) to the University and advising departments on efficient tracking mechanisms and tools.
  • Facilitating monthly, quarterly and annual financial close-out processes and fund transfers.
  • Managing special funding commitments as agreed to by the Dean, Senior Management Staff and/or other internal and external entities.  

Our objective is to support CCAS Leadership, Departments, Programs and Institutes in developing and monitoring their annual budgets and budget related strategies. Budget activities include:

  • Facilitating preparation of the annual budget plan.
  • Exploring financial trends and devising multi-year planning objectives and projections.
  • Developing strategies for capital investments that align with CCAS' mission and vision.
  • Conducting data and variance analysis, in conjunction with our departments, to ensure fiscally responsible budget management.
  • Maintaining open communcation regarding budget and budget related issues.
  • Serving as the liaison to the University Budget Office to communicate college-wide budget and financial information.


Our team is available to assist faculty members and Department Administrators in matters concerning faculty compensation.  We work closely with the Assistant Dean of Faculty Affairs and The Office of Faculty Personnel to ensure faculty compensatory tasks are processed timely and accurately.  Our services includes the following:  

  • Approving regular full-time and part-time, visiting and temporary part-time faculty hire forms, as well as, $0 appointments.
  • Approving monthly faculty supplemental compensation payments.
  • Administering faculty research support funds like start-up, annual accounts, Chair's funds and similar commitments like those approved by the Assistant Dean of Research (i.e. Columbian College Faciliting Fund or CCFF).
  • Processing instructional assistant (IA) and graduate assistant (GA) hire approvals.
  • Contributing funds for scholarly travel requests (new process eff. FY14)

In close collaboration with University Human Resources, we have a Human Resource Client Partner to support the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences.  As a team, we assist our departments with the following activities:

  • Collaborating with Department Chairs, Principal Investigators and managers to develop a staffing strategy, select the best talent for each team and implement onboarding initiatives.
  • Coordinating the hire of non-student, wage employees, as well as, internal and external temporary staff.
  • Managing the annual performance management cycle and assisting with performance matters throughout the year; while supporting healthy feedback and the professional development of all staff.
  • Helping resolve employee relations concerns while encouraging fair, consistent treatment and strong employer-employee relationships.
  • Facilitating an exit strategy that gains critical insight and ensures an effective transition process as staff and research members leave their roles or the University.

Our objective is to support the learning, training, administrative, and transactional needs of CCAS departments and programs.  Our team is available to assist with and potentially lead a variety of projects that may include:

  • Coordinating capital projects, and assisting with complex facilities requests and major departmental moves.
  • Assisting with processing and/or approving various procurement, accounts payable and other financial transactions.
  • Facilitating one-on-one and group training sessions on enterprise systems, processes and best practices that are designed to address specific CCAS needs while supplementing University training programs offered via Skillport.
  • Providing assistance to departments through times of transition or during peak work periods; or to programs that have unique needs.
  • Keeping abreast of and disseminating information regarding changes to policies, processes, procedures and systems.


Who to Contact

Financial Reports, Endowments, R-Fund Issues: Emprisia Lee

C-Track, Faculty Commitments, Training, System Access: Emprisia Lee

Faculty Hire Forms, Change in Status, Supplemental Comp.: Michele Tyner

IA/GA Awards, Moves, Journals, Student Hire Approvals: Roy Myaing

Staff Recruitment, Temporary Hires, Background Checks: H[email protected]

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