Team Members

Sara Evans
Interim Managing Director, Finance and Administration
(202) 994-8095
[email protected]
Gary Reynolds
Sr. School Grants Management Coordinator
(202) 994-6449
[email protected]
Michele Tyner
Sr. Faculty Accounting Analyst
(202) 994-2060
[email protected]
Roy Myaing
Finance/Facilities Coordinator
(202) 994-5096
[email protected]
Emprisia Lee
Interim Assistant Finance Director
(202) 994-3194
[email protected]
Ya Ju (Serena) Yang
Sr. Financial Analyst
(202) 994-9448
Kaily Carpenter
Financial Analyst


Who to Contact

Financial Reports, Endowments, R-Fund Issues: Emprisia Lee

C-Track, Faculty Commitments, Training, System Access: Emprisia Lee

Faculty Hire Forms, Change in Status, Supplemental Comp.: Michele Tyner

IA/GA Awards, Moves, Journals, Student Hire Approvals: Roy Myaing

Staff Recruitment, Temporary Hires, Background Checks: H[email protected]

Accessibility Notice

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